Back in 1973, while working with an Oklahoma City A&E firm, I designed a home improvement big box store that required tilt-up concrete wall construction. Turns out it was just the first of many high-performance concrete & tilt-up projects during my 47 year (so far) professional career.

With two degrees from OU in 1974 I joined an architectural firm in Portland, Oregon that was architect for the largest retail company in the NW, Fred Meyer. Tilt-up was the preferred building system so all of my commercial & industrial projects in Oregon were tilt-up concrete with heavy timber roof structures.

After moving back to Oklahoma City (on my 30th birthday), I co-founded a very successful architectural firm that evolved into specializing in design-build projects using tilt-up concrete construction. Again, the preferred durable, efficient and economical system.

A deep economic recession in Oklahoma during mid 1980’s lead me to take a project management position with an A&E firm in Roanoke. I soon asked why nobody was using tilt-up around here. Contractors said architects are not designing them. Architects said there were no tilt-up contractors in our region.

“Hmm? Someone ought to do tilt-up ‘round here!” I said.

Over these last 32 years, excluding my 6 years in Saudi Arabia where everything is built with concrete and stone, I occasionally asked that same question, got the same answer and again said “Someone ought to do tilt-up ‘round here!”

OK, so finally I have decided that I am that someone! Duh!

I am now teaming with concrete specialists, PROCON and other selected experts to provide design-build services to deliver high-performance tilt-up commercial and industrial facilities in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Contact me to learn more about high-performance buildings and achieving the triple bottom line to save money, improve people’s lives and ensure a sustainable future.

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